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Treatment Enhancers

About Treatment Enhancers

Many have come to our center over the years with the desire to break out of old limiting patterns that constantly pull them back. These negative patterns/habits have a powerful biochemical component that makes breaking through them like trying to break a drug addiction. The pattern can be a behavior like overeating, inability to stop eating sweets, alcohol use, smoking, or even severe drug addictions.

Treatment Enhancers can help to break these patterns as well as negative emotional patterns, including chronic anxiety, depression and overwhelm. It is also a powerful treatment for those wanting to safely reduce their need for medications.

A “Treatment Enhancer” consist of a 5-point ear acupuncture treatment in combination with with brain wave entrainment (BWE) sounds.  These Treatment Enhancers can be added to your regular scheduled Acupuncture treatment.  

How  Treatment Enhancers Work…

Treatment Enhancers are for patients who want to maximize the effects of their treatment plans. These treatments trigger a powerful signal to the central nervous system which helps reduce and often interrupts patterns of addictions, cravings and high stress on the nervous system. By interrupting these powerful biochemical waves that are often challenging to overcome, it allows the patient to be able to take better control of the direction they choose in their health without the slingshot effect of being pulled back to their old limiting patterns. The interrupting and resetting effect that these treatments provide cause the nervous system to literally reset itself back into balance or what is called homeostasis. Triggering the body to go into this balanced state of homeostasis is the most direct way to access the body’s own powerful resources in the momentum of optimal health. The key is to receive these reset treatments as often as possible to condition the body back into an optimal state of neurological and cardiovascular balance. These specialized treatments are provided in an empowering environment that is supportive, inspiring, educational, and soothing in nature to optimize the therapeutic effect for long-term change.

While you relax during your treatments you will also be able to use the time to work on the tools Dr. Mancini recommends for you to maximize the effects, such as visualization, deep breathing, etc.

What is Brain Wave Entrainment?

When the brain is stimulated with pulsed sounds (neuro-electrical activity via the nerves originating from the ears), the overall activity of the brain will respond to and align with these pulses. By selecting the desired rate, the brain via the frequency following response (entrainment) can be naturally induced towards the selected brainwave state.

Our brains produce “sweeping” electrical charges. These charges create rhythms known as brainwave patterns. Brainwave patterns are commonly grouped into four different categories: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Each of these brainwave patterns is associated with various states of mind. Alpha waves usually occur during rest (e.g. when the eyes are closed), intellectual relaxation, deep relaxation, meditation or when quieting the mind. Alpha waves are the desired results of experienced meditators. Research indicates that using BWE in the alpha brainwave range may result in benefits similarly found with Zen or Transcendental Meditation.

All brainwave states serve important mental functions. With today’s lifestyle, returning to a peaceful, mind/body way of being is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain for any period of time. This causes disease in the mind/body, which is why it is paramount for us to “relearn” or “retrain” ourselves to get back to these healthful and rejuvenating states. READ MORE: About Brainwaves from Transparent Corporation.






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