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Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback

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What is Brain Mapping?
Part 1

Phoenix, AZ (602) 548-9092
San Diego, CA (619) 287-4005

What is Brain Mapping?
Part 2

brain-mapping-and-neurofeedbackBrain mapping and neurofeedback, is a type of cutting-edge technology that allows brain training outside of clinical environments. The Center for Integrative Care offers this advanced tool to determine individual thinking and behavioral patterns. With this information, our team compares your brain wave patterns to the structure of your brain and ultimately, we help you train your brain to reach its optimal performance.

Brain mapping and neurofeedback not only helps to optimize the performance of the brain, it also helps those with psychological conditions and brain injuries. By understanding brainwaves and gaining insight into how the human mind and brain operates, our team maximizes brain health by helping with anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, and more. Our tools also improve memory and sleep, reduce stress, enhance concentration, and even help with sports performance.

The technology itself will soon include a wireless neuro-headset that allows both brain mapping and brain training. Using this scientific breakthrough, the Center for Integrative Care helps our clients transform their lives by changing their thought patterns.

The 3 Steps of Brain Mapping:

capture-inner1.Capture. A neuro-headset captures and records your brainwave activity.





process-inner2.Process. Once the data is recorded, it is processed and analyzed against a database of thousands of other brain maps.




report-inner3.Report. A report is then delivered, followed by recommended training methods and exercises to effectively improve your brain function.




brain-mapping-and-neurofeedback-innerOnce we have completed the initial brain map, you begin your brain training regimen and neurofeedback. This is essentially a series of mental and brain exercises, which uses a simple reward system to guide new behaviors in the brain. With time, any targeted unhealthy or disruptive brain patterns are replace with these new behaviors, bringing your brain into a state of optimal health, balance, and performance.

This service is only available in-office, but we are working hard to make at-home brain mapping and neurofeedback available to our patients soon.