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By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | February 26th, 2015

Well, it has been just over a month now and I have been making progress on getting healthier. Initially my goal was to loose about 40 pounds. I, however, soon discovered, through Dr. Mancini’s education process, that weight loss is a side effect of getting healthy from the inside out.

I now look forward to my workouts. My thoughts are constantly on what my workout is going to be and what plateaus I will break through. Also, I’m very conscious of what goes into my body. My eating habits have improved and more than anything else that I have achieved so far, this is what I think is the biggest reason for the success I have achieved so far.

In addition to having more energy and feeling stronger and more fit, I have lost 11 pounds and three percent body fat. Another huge side effect of this optimal health process is an improved attitude and outlook on everything I do.

One last thought… I was quite reluctant to write down my success story because I didn’t think it was anything to write about, but with much prodding from Dr. Mancini I put it on paper. What I have discovered it that this process is also very motivating.

– Rod