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By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | February 26th, 2015

Several years ago my family doctor told me that if I didn’t make some changes in my diet and life, I would become a diabetic, and have heart disease. I listened but didn’t make any changes. I was in denial. (This couldn’t happen to me!) Well guess what. It did! Not wanting to go with my doctor’s route, pills, pills and more pills, I called Dr. Mancini and made an appointment to meet with him.

I met with Dr. Mancini and we put me on a cleansing and acupuncture program. When I started the program we did a base blood test to see where all of my problems were. (There were many.)
I am proud to say that 5 weeks later the new blood test showed that my cholesterol went from 210 to 109. All of my other issues, such as sugar, blood pressure, and such, all had improved dramatically. I was dancing on the ceiling. I am no longer considered a health risk for hear disease. I know that I still have a journey to complete my life changes, but Dr. Mancini has made it to easy.

I do need to warn you of the side effects. There are two big ones. The first is you have energy, and your body doesn’t hurt all the time, and you feel great. The second one is weight loss. At the end of 5 weeks, I have reduced 23 pounds and 25 ½ inches.

I encourage anyone who has health issues to meet with Dr. Mancini and staff as an alternative to Western medicine treatments. I for one am glad that I didn’t take all the pills that my family doctor recommended. I know those only masked the problem. I needed to correct the base problem.
Thank you Dr. Mancini.

– Beth