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I have battled my weight for my entire life. I was always a little heavy in high school and then I got married and had three children in my early 20s. From there, everyone and everything else came first – work, husband, children’s needs, volunteer work, etc. Finally, I decided this was the time for me to focus on myself and get my life back in order.

I signed up at a gym, did personal training, and changed my diet to a very healthy diet with the help of a nutritionist. I didn’t lose much weight. Although I was gaining muscle and losing gat, I was frustrated to not see the scale go down. I eventually got bored, lost interest, and I eventually gained all the weight back.

A year later, I was back at it. After trying and failing, I was determined and I know I would not fail this time. But again, after several months, I was at the point of frustration. I had lost some weight (and I am sure gained some muscle), but the weight on the scale wasn’t dropping fast enough.
In January 2007, I attended an informational meeting with Dr. Mancini at my gym. I was mesmerized by his presentation. It fit me to a tee – chronic fatigue and the ups and downs in energy level. I signed up for a free consultation and the rest is history.

I have lost over 40 pounds, approximately 15% body fat and four pants sizes. I have a lot more energy and feel much better. I need less sleep, I am more relaxed and I lead a more balanced life. I don’t need coffee or caffeine drinks – which were how I made it through my hectic days in the past.
During my treatment, I had some other unrelated issues come up. Dr. Mancini was always able to help.

I would highly recommend Dr. Mancini to anyone. He truly changed my life.

– Kelli