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By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | February 26th, 2015

I came to Dr. Mancini feeling very discouraged, frustrated and afraid. Two MDs had told me I was at very high risk for a stroke or heart attack and if my tests didn’t change, probably Type II diabetes and Alzheimer’s. I had metabolic syndrome (high cholesterol, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high LDL, high inflammation and stress as well as abdominal fat). They prescribed blood pressure and cholesterol medications and said I’d be on them the rest of my life. When I asked if I could change this with supplements, diet, exercise, etc., I was told it was my age (72) and heredity. There was nothing I could do that would help… no lifestyle change would help… just medicine for the rest of my life. I had constant diarrhea, stomach aches, gall bladder attacks and trouble sleeping. I felt depressed and had no energy. I also craved sugar and had insulin resistance which made it hard to lose weight.

I was taking many alternative medicine supplements. After reading alternative books and several alternative newsletters I subscribe to, it came to my attention that they all mentioned acupuncture and Chinese medicine as helping if the supplements they recommended didn’t take care of the problem. I heard Dr. Mancini at a seminar he gave at the Kroc Center. The next week I was in his office. This was my last hope. After signing up for his program he ran several blood tests on me. The tests showed I can’t eat gluten, dairy or eggs. Besides acupuncture, he started me on his cleansing and detox diet with supplements, also a food plan eliminating foods I could be or am allergic to. He also prescribed one hour of exercise a day. I was doing Tai Chi, which he encouraged me to do along with Chi Kung deep breathing exercises. I followed his advice religiously along with acupuncture. Also, I found his seminars on acupressure, Chi Kung, stress and eating healthy very helpful.

Dr. Mancini cares so much about his patients and pours his heart and energy into their care. He is a good man, very knowledgeable and full of good advice. I thank God for him and I’m proud to say he is my doctor. His goal is not just good health for his patients but optimal health and function. We’re still working what foods I can eat and he wants my cholesterol and triglycerides lower. He has given me back not only my health and energy but optimism and hope and the ability to accomplish the many things I want to accomplish in my lifetime.

The best part is the proof. The facts from my tests:
My blood pressure was about 159/89… now 110/68
My pulse was 65… now 45 to 55
My cholesterol was 316… now 228
My triglycerides were 243… now 123
My LDL was 195… now 125
I lost 12 pounds (and will lose more).
I am now in the normal risk category. Hallelujah! Thank you, Dr. Mancini!! And God bless you.

– Mary Jane