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Background: June 16, 2008 – While waiting at a red light, a woman in a 2002 Cadillac rear-ended my 2001 Honda Civic. July 18, 2008 – A man rear-ended my 2001 Honda Civic with his Scion, while I was sitting still in traffic. I did not feel any pain at the time of either accident. I was aware that I was thrown forward and retained by the seat belt when the Cadillac hit. When I exited my Honda, I felt lightheaded and my body was shaking all over.

During this time period, my daily routine was to walk three miles after work. Sometime around August 2008, I began to experience headaches and a deep penetrating pain in my left hip, thigh, knee and numbness in my left foot, with sharp pain in the large toe. By August 11, 2008 I had to quit my walking routine, due to pain. Standing or sitting was very uncomfortable. The only relief was to lay flat on the floor and stretch the muscles in the lower abdomen. The relief was only temporary. Often I would wake up due to the pain in my hip. Things got so bad, I had to sleep on the floor at night to get some relief and prevent keeping my wife awake at night. I was getting desperate.

With the encouragement of my wife, I entered treatment with Dr. Mancini. As a “doubting Thomas” I was not convinced this was the correct thing to do. I am so glad that I WAS WRONG.

The first visit was a complete surprise and an eye-opener. I left the clinic with a feeling of euphoria never experienced in my life. The pain in the hip was still there, but I did not care. I thought this is going to be a fantastic experience.

I can honestly say I have not had a repeat of that first treatment, but after approximately a month’s series of treatments I am pain free and sleeping just fine, thanks to Dr. Mancini.

– David