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By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | February 26th, 2015

Nine months ago my friend, Kay, gave me a coupon for a consultation with Dr. Mancini. Because I really was not open to his help yet, the coupon worked its way to the bottom of my large purse where it became very ragged. Six months later, when considering my declining health situation, I dug it out.

In 2004, I had two seizures because I has used a total liquid protein diet . In two years I had two different breast cancer surgeries. This was followed by osteoarthritis, a dry-eye condition and insomnia. I was feeding all this with copious amount of sugar foods (very bad for cancer!). As a result, I arrive here 35 pounds overweight. Oh yes, there was a lifetime issue of constipation that even took me to the emergency room once. I was truly falling apart but by bit. I was fearful about the length of my life.

Thank you to Dr. Mancini! Because of his amazing ever-increasing knowledge, encouragement and compassion, I have made amazing strides toward optimum health. My sugar cravings and binging have disappeared. I choose to eat healthy because I feel so much better. So far I have lost 10 pounds but the real emphasis is on health. My skin reflects this diet too. I sleep soundly with no medication. My joints are now flexible first thing in the morning. The dry eye has reduced and my vision has improved, which surprised my optometrist. The biggest miracle for me after 50 years is daily bowel movements! HOORAY!

I feel brighter, happier and look forward to the day’s events. I look forward also to an ever-improving attitude and health. You are truly a doctor-teacher. Thank you!

– Ann