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Dr. Mario Mancini

O.M.D., Licensed Acupuncturist, Qualified Medical Evaluator, Board Certified Nutrition Specialist, Medical Director of Center for Integrative Care

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Dr. Mario Mancini, O.M.D.

Driven by his passion for mind/body peak performance, Dr. Mancini strives to achieve excellence for his patients. As a doctor of Oriental medicine, he assists his patients with a variety of health issues including acute and chronic pain, healthy weight loss, and the impact of all forms of stress and strain on the body.
He received his Doctorate in Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.) from South Baylo University. As a graduate of the first professional California approved Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Mancini practices with the highest standards of Oriental medicine making a complete integration into the present health care system. Using evidence-based treatment guidelines in standard scientific and medical terminology, he is able to communicate and integrate with the medical community. As a primary care doctor, Dr. Mancini is trained to determine when referrals are necessary.

Dr. Uzi Chen

DACM (c), Licensed Acupuncturist

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Originally from Israel, Dr. Chen started his career as a software engineer. After realizing that his true passion lies around helping other people improve their health naturally, Dr. Chen  decided to become a student of alternative medicine which led him to study the incredible field of acupuncture & Chinese medicine.
Shortly after graduating from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego and obtaining his license in 2010, Dr. Chen started his own acupuncture practice while working in two other acupuncture clinics. In one clinic he focused on resolving internal conditions using acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs, and in another he specialized in treating orthopedic injuries, using Sports Medicine approach.
Dr. Chen has been working alongside Dr. Mario Mancini at the Center of Integrative Care since 2011, helping thousands of people find relief as well as clarity about their unique bodily condition. Dr. Chen specializes in Pain management and has a passion for applying evidence based medicine through the utilization of labs as well as refined orthopedic evaluation.
Dr. Chen is constantly striving to learn more and grow as a practitioner. He completed his advanced Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification program under renowned acupuncturist, Matt Callison. Dr. Chen sees his life mission in helping people improve their health and increase their overall quality of life.
Out of the office, Dr. Chen enjoys spending time with his beautiful family of wife and four kids.

Dr. Lynsi Lewis

DACM, Licensed Acupuncturist

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After receiving her Bachelor of Science from Troy University, Lynsi completed years of training at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine before she moved to San Diego to continue her education at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM), earning her Master of Science and Doctorate in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.
Lynsi completed her internships at the PCOM clinic, Cancer Center of Encinitas, HIV/AIDS Clinic of UCSD Hospital, and the Integrative Wellness Center located downtown. While at PCOM, she received advanced training in cosmetic acupuncture and electively studied the Japanese style of acupuncture. Since becoming licensed, she has committed to continuing her education in functional medicine, chronic pain, and mental health.
Her desire is to merge both Eastern and Western medical worlds in order to bring about the highest potential of health for the public. She believes in the future of integrative medicine and has committed her career to building bridges between all healing modalities. She is passionate about empowering her patients with education on self-care practices and disease prevention. She also values evidence-based medicine and strives to research new studies on a case-to-case basis. She has led multiple workshops on “The Science Behind Acupuncture” and enjoys collaborating with primary care providers and other allopathic physicians.
“Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness; it is a dynamic process of change and growth. This includes the pursuit of behaviors that help you achieve your full potential – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Committing to self-care through routine integrative medical treatments allows you to reach this potential. Here, we view the patient-practitioner relationship as sacred and understand that each learns from one another in order to optimize individual treatment plans and co-create healing.” 

Dr. Alexiss Larowe

DACM, Licensed Acupuncturist

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Dr. Larowe completed her Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She always had an interest in language, culture and philosophy. After completing her Bachelor’s abroad in South Korea, she returned to California and spent the next five years raising two children at home.
A personal illness changed her life and she then pursued a career in healthcare. In 2019 she graduated cum laude from the Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine program at Southern California University of Health Sciences. Her specialty track during school was in reproductive medicine. This unique program focused on integrative medicine as well as applying Western evidence-based practices to traditional Chinese medicine.
Dr. Larowe strongly believes in patient centered care and the availability of multiple treatment options for patients based on their individual needs and values. She also practices functional medicine and is invested in translating between Eastern and Western medicine terminology and that of the lay person for better understanding.
Outside of the clinic she enjoys cooking, staying active with her children and participating in the type 1 diabetic community.

Dr. Mauricio Perez

DACM, Licensed Acupuncturist

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As a San Diego native, Dr. Perez grew up participating in sports such as swimming and water
polo.  While completing his B.A. in Environmental Studies with a minor in Exercise Health
Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Dr. Perez spent four summers with
the Fire-Rescue Department of San Diego as an Ocean lifeguard.   This unique experience in
public service, while being challenging by working in the elements, was both humbling and
rewarding. Through this Dr. Perez grew a passion for helping people and would later find a
program that would allow him to continue helping others through the teachings and
applications of Chinese medicine.
In 2016 he enrolled in graduate school at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and obtained
a Master of Science and Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. While completing his
graduate studies he also obtained a certificate of massage therapy to further his anatomical
knowledge as well as other modalities such as neuromuscular manual therapy. Beside the clinic
at Pacific College, Dr. Perez completed his clinical internships at offsites such as Rady’s Children
Hospital and UCSD’s RIMAC Arena for student athletes. In 2019 he also completed a four-week
study abroad externship at a World Health Organization funded hospital in Beijing. This
comprised of lectures and clinical rotations in pain management, neurology, women’s health, 5
Element and Master Tung’s treatment principles.
Dr. Perez understands that a patient centered care approach is essential in achieving progress for
anyone looking to relieve the distress of symptoms that manifest in the body. He also understands that
Eastern and Western medicine are two halves of the same coin, and when applied in conjunction with
one another while keeping the patient and their goals in mind, any presenting dysfunction can be more
effectively addressed. Health and wellness are dynamic aspects that are key to maintaining a good
quality of life, which Dr. Perez always aims to provide for his patients through the use of evidence based
practices and education about self-care.

Patricia Schantz

Director of Operations

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Patricia has been with CFIC since 2013.  When Patricia is not working at CFIC, you can find her teaching group exercise classes at the gym or enjoying some fun in the sun. She is passionate about health & fitness and self improvement.  She loves to cook vegan meals and is obsessed with raising Monarch Butterflies at her home in Ocean Beach.  Her work at the Center ties in well to what she does outside of the Center, which is staying active & surrounding herself with positive people who are on the same path.

Kelly Isbell

Billing & Compliance Manager

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Kelly has been working for Dr. Mancini at the Center for Integrative Care since 2007. Starting out at 21 knowing nothing about acupuncture, little did she know she’d actually work her way up to Billing & Compliance Manager. She’s been lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn and grow in a thriving & positive atmosphere Dr. Mancini has created at CFIC. Plus she’s surrounded by a caring, helpful, and amazing staff. When she’s not here, she’s spending time with her  family and friends, playing football, dodgeball,  practicing yoga, watching all her crazy shows on Netflix and enjoying life.

Samantha Rand

Lead Wellness Associate / New Patient Coordinator

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Samantha is originally from San Francisco and moved to San Diego in 2014 with her husband. She joined the CFIC team in 2017. This is her first job in a medical office and is continuously gaining knowledge and training with the amazing team that she is surrounded by.  Samantha is now our Lead Wellness Associate/New Patient Coordinator. When Samantha is not at work she likes to keep active with outdoor activities or lay low and watch movies while doing different crocheting projects.

Sara Phillips

Wellness Associate

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Sara is San Diego born and raised, and is thrilled to be the newest member of the team. She is thrilled that her passion for health and wellness can align with those working at CFIC. In addition to working at the Center, she is also a Health Coach and spends much of her time creating new recipes and helping others reach their wellness goals. When she is not at work, you will find her outdoors on the trails either backpacking, running, or hiking to get to her favorite rock climbing spot.