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Dr. Mario Mancini

O.M.D., Licensed Acupuncturist, Qualified Medical Evaluator, Board Certified Nutrition Specialist, Medical Director of Center for Integrative Care

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Dr. Mario Mancini, O.M.D.

Driven by his passion for mind/body peak performance, Dr. Mancini strives to achieve excellence for his patients. As a doctor of Oriental medicine, he assists his patients with a variety of health issues including acute and chronic pain, healthy weight loss, and the impact of all forms of stress and strain on the body.

He received his Doctorate in Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.) from South Baylo University. As a graduate of the first professional California approved Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Mancini practices with the highest standards of Oriental medicine making a complete integration into the present health care system. Using evidence-based treatment guidelines in standard scientific and medical terminology, he is able to communicate and integrate with the medical community. As a primary care doctor, Dr. Mancini is trained to determine when referrals are necessary.

Dr. Uzi Chen

DACM (c), Licensed Acupuncturist

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Uzi Chen, L.Ac., MSTOM

Originally from Israel, Uzi started his career as a software engineer. After realizing that his true passion lies around helping other people improve their health naturally, Uzi decided to become a student of alternative medicine which led him to study the incredible field of acupuncture & Chinese medicine.

Shortly after graduating from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego and obtaining his license in 2010, Uzi started his own acupuncture practice while working in two other acupuncture clinics. In one clinic he focused on resolving internal conditions using acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs, and in another he specialized in treating orthopedic injuries, using Sports Medicine approach.

Uzi has been working alongside Dr. Mario Mancini at the Center of Integrative Care since 2011, helping thousands of people find relief as well as clarity about their unique bodily condition. Uzi specializes in Pain management and has a passion for applying evidence based medicine through the utilization of labs as well as refined orthopedic evaluation.

Uzi is constantly striving to learn more and grow as a practitioner. He’s currently completing his advanced Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification program under renowned acupuncturist, Matt Callison. Uzi sees his life mission in helping people improve their health and increase their overall quality of life.

Out of the office, Uzi enjoys spending time with his beautiful family of wife and four kids.

Dr. Aaron Mills

DACM, Licensed Acupuncturist

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Dr. Aaron M. Mills, DACM, L.Ac.

DACM (Doctorate, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Herbology)
MSAOM (Masters, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Herbology)
Clinical Internships (South Baylo University, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, The Chicago Medical School, North Chicago VA Hospital)

Dr. Aaron M. Mills, DACM, MSAOM, L.Ac., is a California Board Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist with over 15 years experience in health and human services.  In addition to completing professional medical education in acupuncture, herbology, and biomedicine, his educational background includes undergraduate and graduate education and training in psychology, and undergraduate education in biology.  He has worked in both inpatient and community based settings, and has been responsible for both direct service provision to patients and clients as well as the development and training of staff performing direct services.  Having a developed interest in mind body connections and the role of health psychology and behavioral medicine in patients recovery it was a natural transition to study Acupuncture and Asian Medicine.

While originally from Chicago, he has lived in San Diego with his wife for over 7 years. He is an avid outdoors enthusiast who enjoys mountain biking, surfing, camping, and hiking.

As a physician of East Asian Medicine, Dr. Mills truly enjoys effectively treating and assisting patients in engaging and empowering themselves actively working towards achieving their health and wellness goals.

Dr. Jennifer Allen

DACM, Licensed Acupuncturist

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Dr. Allen is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, and a Board Certified Massage Therapist.  She received her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Her mission is to help find the root cause of pain or disharmony and to be a guide to optimum health. Her vision is that with the influence of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, people will find balance and harmony within themselves, so they may
overcome any obstacle and maintain impeccable relationships with ease.”
Dr. Allen is an avid yogi and climber, and over the years, has participated in many athletic endeavors. She has a strong and personal understanding in the importance of exercise and how it benefits the mind, body, and spirit. As a result of overcoming her share of injuries and life’s challenges, Dr. Allen is prepared to provide her patients with exceptional care in order to attain new hope and harmony within the body – allowing the mind to ease and health to flourish.

Licensed Acupuncturist

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Kelly Isbell

Office Manager / Billing Specialist

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Kelly was born and raised in San Diego and has been a part of the team at the Center for Integrative Care since 2007. She’s been lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn and grow in a thriving & positive atmosphere at CFIC. Plus she’s surrounded by a caring, helpful, amazing staff. When she’s not here, she’s spending time with family & friends, playing & watching any sport you can think of and practicing yoga, in order to live a happy & healthy lifestyle.

Patricia Schantz

Director of Operations

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Patricia joined our wellness team in 2013 and has been learning all aspects of the business and patient care since.  She thrives on organization and details and brings her enthusiasm to her role as Director of Operations.  She helps to make sure that not only our patients are well cared for, but also helps to make our organization run smoothly and efficiently.  In addition, Patricia is responsible for arranging and scheduling all of the exciting workshops and presentations here at the Center.  She thrives at bringing innovated and new material to our patients and our community.  Patricia also oversees of our marketing and public relations departments.

When Patricia is not in the office she stays active and healthy by teaching group exercise classes and walking on the beach.  She can also be found making healthy fruit snacks and coming up with new and exciting plant based recipes.  Fun fact: Patricia has been vegetarian/vegan since the age of about 16, so if you need any recipe ideas, feel free to reach out to her:  patricia@manciniacupuncture.com

Samantha Rafael

Wellness Associate

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Millie Sykes

Wellness Associate

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Millicent “Millie” Sykes relocated to San Diego, from Seattle, in hopes of gaining experience and networking in the wellness and fitness industries. With a Bachelor of Art in Philosophy and a Master of Education, she supports the acupuncturists at the Center for Integrative Care and teaches yoga at various studios. Her ultimate career goal is to pursue a career in Sport Science, specializing in Sport Psychology. Currently, she surfs, practices yoga, reads, watches films, and attends concerts during her free time.  

Rebecca Jones

Wellness Associate

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