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Athletic Pain Relief & Injuries

Athletic Pain Relief & Injuries

athletic-pain-relief-injuriesIf you suffer from athletic pain or injuries, The Center for Integrative Care can help provide treatment and relief. Muscle injuries can be extremely sensitive and difficult to heal fully, especially in a timely manner. Joint injuries provide an even more delicate process to recover from. Our team offers cutting edge technology paired with thousands of years of ancient wisdom to give your body lasting pain relief and actually help you recover from the origins of your pain.

Using integrative and natural techniques, we offer Pain Management Acupuncture designed specifically to relieve and treat your pain. We also provide several exercise therapy options that compliment other therapies, which improve balance within and without your body, increase your strength, coordination, and overall general health. These include Exercise/Rehabilitation Therapy, Core Body Mechanics, Integrated Movement Therapy (Tai Chi), and Breathing/Guided Imagery Therapy (Chi Kung) to build your body’s strength and provide the proper adjustments for long-lasting pain relief.

We also offer the revolutionary technology of ARP Wave Therapy to pinpoint the exact origin of your pain, which is often not the area where your body feels the pain or stress. This helps with athletic injuries by identifying the true origin of your pain and injury, making it possible to properly treat the injury and provide true long-lasting recovery.

If you want to relieve and even eliminate athletic pain and injuries, we can help. Call us today at (619) 287-4005.